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Deep, untouched powder snow

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With the Annupuri Lodge situated at the foot of Niseko’s famous backcountry, we do encourage our guests to exit the resort boundaries with a guide and explore a whole world of deep untouched powder snow.

Niseko is renowned for its liberal, open-minded stance when it comes to its wide expanse of backcountry. But with that freedom comes the responsibility of the skier or snowboarder – Niseko’s backcountry powder may look soft and friendly, but it is as deadly and dangerous as it is light and fluffy.

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Even if you are an extremely competent skier or snowboarder, all guests heading into Niseko’s backcountry should have a guide with them, or at least be guided the first time they enter backcountry. If you are planning on entering the backcountry you should have suitable knowledge of avalanche safety techniques and be carrying the appropriate avalanche safety equipment.

Guides are available through the Niseko Winterlab.

Below is a list of resources, information and stories that should be useful to everyone looking to spend time in Niseko’s backcountry.

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